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Our mission is to work towards making our nature free from plastic waste by building a community that actively organizes plastic cleanups and inspires people and institutions worldwide to take action. We strive to create an active, collaborative, and inspiring worldwide movement that will lead us to a cleaner, healthier future.

With the videos posted on TikTok and Instagram, our goal is to spread the message worldwide. Together, we can really make a difference. Each helping hand MATTERS.


The Planet Matters movement was created by our founder Felix Krainer inspired by the shocking amount of plastic pollution he witnessed in nature and the strong urge to do something about it on a global scale. This lead to the idea to start a worldwide community that tackles todayโ€™s massive plastic problem of our planetโ€™s nature (ocean, lakes, rivers, beaches, forests, desserts, โ€ฆ). We are a very driven team that is rapidly expanding with volunteers and workers worldwide joining our fight for the planet. The Planet Matters staff is currently traveling and working to create a positive, encouraging plastic clean-up campaign with the power of social media.

Our ultimate goal is to create a world where massive plastic pollution in nature is a thing of the past, and to ensure that everyone is educated, inspired and empowered to make a difference. We're using our skills to create a healthier planet by organizing beach and ocean cleanup events, sharing plastic cleanup creators on social media and thereby inspiring others all over the world to join in on this very important mission. We hope that YOU (the person reading this) will join us in making a positive difference for the health of our earth.


  • Start cleaning up

    The easiest way to start? Take a walk to nature and start cleaning up plastic waste yourself or write us to join one of our events. We would love to receive videos and photos of you making an impact via E-mail, our contact form or Instagram DM for us to share.

  • Tell the world

    Want to drive the movement? Start talking to others about the importance of the beach and ocean plastic cleanup initiative and share the videos on social media.

  • Buy in the shop

    Support the movement and make a statement by purchasing one of our Planet Matters products.


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